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Veterans Day Jokes

It is a wrong perception that the military people do not have any passion for jokes. The fact is the people in military uniforms have soft corners in their hearts and they love to hear jokes. Although they are often so disciplined and focused on their work, you will notice the smile on their faces after narrating these interesting jokes to them.

So we have taken a step ahead and compiled an interesting collection of veteran Day jokes for our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guards.

Latest Veterans Day Jokes


An Army officer who always took a bribe and got dismissed yesterday was asked to say what ARMY stands for. But to everyone’s surprise, this man said, “Air(Force) Rejected Me Yesterday”.

Beating of his life

Mr. George beats ten armies while in his dream. Alas! He saw them on the street the following morning; they recognized him and give him a thorough beating of his life.

How many guns do you need for a gunfight?

A General asks his comrades “how many guns do you need for a gunfight?”

“Two”, comrades replied.

“Why two?” the general asked. “One gun for us to shoot at enemies and another gun for our enemy to shoot back at us”