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Veterans Day Jokes

It is a wrong perception that the military people do not have any passion for jokes. The fact is the people in military uniforms have soft corners in their hearts and they love to hear jokes. Although they are often so disciplined and focused on their work, you will notice the smile on their faces after narrating these interesting jokes to them.

So we have taken a step ahead and compiled an interesting collection of veteran Day jokes for our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guards.

Latest Veterans Day Jokes

Cool breeze

A new soldier joining the troops today stopped the propeller halfway thinking it causes the cool breeze which is too much for everyone.


My uncle won’t be happy when it is next month but my friend didn’t understand me so I said, “All troops hate it as well because it will be March”.

What will you do?

Because Dave’s late Uncle is a soldier, so he dreamt to be a soldier. This annoys Dave’s dad and made him ask Dave, “Imagine you are in a camp surrounded by enemies and you are sleeping with C4 (bombs) around you, what will you do?”

Dave answered and said, “I will stop imagining instantly”.